Old Hickory CrossFit

Creating one strong and accepting Community through fitness.

Our Mission at Old Hickory CrossFit is to help our clients reach their full potential through our programming designed to challenge all levels, regardless of experience. Old Hickory CrossFit is a friendly atmosphere that started in a driveway, and continued to grow. We are much more than a group of people who want to get fit. At Old Hickory CrossFit we are a community offering support, motivation, and friendship that will last forever. We are passionate about providing quality and truthful training techniques, however we understand it is up to you to be active in the process. Come join us and let us help with your most valuable possession, YOU.
Old Hickory Crossfit Team
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Membership Options

Recommended for first time CrossFitters. Foundations will teach you all you need to succeed.
If you already have experience with CrossFit check out all our options that we have available
Our Values

“At OHC CrossFit, we believe in fostering a culture of inclusivity and warmth. We prioritize creating an environment where every individual feels welcome, supported, and accepted. Our commitment to being welcoming is reflected in our core values”


“At OHC CrossFit, safety is our top priority. We believe that creating a safe and secure environment is essential for our members to achieve their fitness goals effectively and without unnecessary risks. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our core values”


“Support is at the heart of our gym, where we prioritize building a community that uplifts and empowers each member. We understand that achieving fitness goals requires more than just physical strength; it requires emotional and mental support also”

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