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CrossFit: Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Train with our certified coaches who are knowledgeable and caring. Make friends, compete in a friendly way, and enjoy the high energy. All movements taught are scalable to any ability level, from those new to fitness entirely to competitive athletes. At OHC you'll find a supportive community that cheers you on every step of the way, helping you reach your fitness goals! Whether you're a fitness newbie or a seasoned pro, CrossFit at OHC is the perfect place to sweat it out, make gains, and create awesome memories with like-minded folks.

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Weightlifting is provided for athletes looking to accelerate their knowledge and technique in the Olympic and power lifts. Our weightlifting class will help athletes with technique in order to increase efficiency, power output, and safety regarding barbell movements. Join us for 60 minutes of technique and percentage work, designed to benefit both newcomers and seasoned lifters. All movements are scalable to all levels, and we will meet you wherever you are in your lifting journey.

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Open Gym

Open gym is available as part of our unlimited memberships if you participate in at least 3 OHC CrossFit classes per week. We believe the magic happens with our top notch coaching, our community, and structured programming. There is no excuse to miss out on opportunities to train/move or do some additional work if you need extra. The goals of Open Gym are as diverse as you all are, but here are some highlights of why you might choose to utilize it:

- Make time for extra skills that your coaches have prescribed to you

- Practice skills at your own pace

- Make-up a missed workout of the day outside of class time

- Prepare or qualify for an upcoming competition or event

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Our Yoga classes offer a comfortable and safe space to explore the mind and body. We will be working on improving mobility, reducing stress, and having fun! Each class is suited for all levels ranging in challenges to fit all styles.

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CrossFit Kids

(Ages 5-12)
Tuesdays and Thursdays

CrossFit Kids is a fun and exciting program to exercise and learn healthy lifestyle habits. We’ve created an engaging and welcoming atmosphere to coach your kids in a way that keeps them interested and motivated. We will focus on good movement, having fun, teamwork, and confidence building.


Each workout teaches functional movements essential for play. Running, throwing, climbing, lifting, jumping, pushing, and pulling. Drills for critical thinking, confidence, leadership, and teamwork. Lifelong healthy lifestyle practices for your kids.

$60 for members 
$95 for non-members

Enhance strength, endurance, and flexibility in our classes, reducing injury risk and increasing productivity. Empowering athletes to achieve greatness, building confidence and self-acceptance. Small group sessions with certified coaches ensure proper and efficient training. Enroll your child now to prioritize health, fitness, and valuable life lessons.

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